Domain Names: Contact Privacy

This valuable feature is available for domain names registered through Photon.Net. Our “Contact Privacy” service will legitimately conceal your domain registration information from the public so nobody can find or abuse your contact information.

All information in a domain name registration (including your name, address, phone, and e-mail address) is normally available to the public and anyone can see it by doing what is called a “Whois” lookup on the domain. Unfortunately, because the information is available to the public, this often leads to receiving unsolicited advertisements and spam from immoral companies who collect the contact information from Whois lookups. By enabling our Contact Privacy feature, your info is not available for public lookup and not subject to abuse.

Contact Privacy Costs:

Extra fees are required from domain registrars for this service. The Contact Privacy service costs us an extra $3/year to turn on, and this cost is passed on to the customer. On a limited number of specialty domain types, the cost is $3.50/year. Please see our full domain price list for a reference. (Note this is not a profit-making service for us, we are just covering the base expense of turning on the privacy service.)

During domain registration or renewal, our order form will let you select whether you want the Contact Privacy service enabled for your domain type.