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The Dimensional Resonance Frequencies

1) Source Alignment
Enables your body in remembering, solidifying and maintaining the path and bliss of reunion with the Source of Oneness. Stay connected here and now by unifying the frequency within your cellular being, and consciousness of the soul within the Earth Plane.

2) Multidimensional Awareness
Integrates and opens the awareness of your physical and soul consciousness to the dimensional selves & planes which are combinations of the Earth experience. Enhances cosmic communications, and astral travel by integrating this awareness into the cellular structure. Reawaken the truest essence of Self in this dimensional reality.

3) Multidimensional Integration
Fully integrate the totality of All Being. Reactivate frequencies lost in multiple Earth incarnations, into your Total Energetic Being. This integration process opens channels of communication previously unavailable in this lifetime. For practitioners dealing with energetic blockages in multidimensional bodies, this opens awareness of those concerns, allowing enhanced healing abilities and allowing the blockages to clear on all levels, a well as the manifest third dimension. Highly evolved souls will understand the true magnificence of the multidimensional alignments and magnetic positioning which this enables.

4) Earth Grid Integration and Alignment
Re-establishes connections to etheric multi-dimensional Earth Grids. Planetary frequency fluctuations as the Earth clears can cause "disconnected" energetic discomforts as you travel the globe. Integration and realignment with the Grids stabilizes the physical/energetic body within the specific longitude/latitude positions, allowing comfortable free movement from place to place.

5) 12 Strand DNA Formation
Aids the body in reestablishing the energetic patterns of the original 12 strand DNA structure which supports the growth and healing of multidimensional bodies as well as consciousness on all levels of creation.

6) Cellular Integration
Enhances the cellular integration of all energetic frequencies within your physical body, and the evolving Adam Kadmon Energetic Body of Universal Light. Re-establishes the cellular pathways between the physical and energetic being in harmonious integration.

7) Water Balance
This frequency is given as a great gift to re-establish the balance of the water frequencies of Planet Earth. When Earth was formed, the Waters, which comprise 97% of the Planet and the Human Body, were the mechanism for telepathic communications. Over time, these frequencies have been damaged
and destroyed. Re-establishment, remembrance and integration of this frequency, can promote telepathic communications between species on all levels of God's Creations.

8) Food Compatibility
Enhances the compatibility of ingested foods within the developing advanced frequencies of the physical body, enabling Light Workers to partake of the foods currently available on the planet. Mix with Water Balance and feed to plants to enhance food source energetic compatibility.

9) Liquid Compatibility
Enhance the compatibility of ingested liquids within the developing advanced frequencies of the physical body. Change the frequency of incompatible liquids, raise your frequency to experience new liquids as they become available. Mix with Water Balance and feed to plants to raise energetic compatibility of food sources used to make drinks.

10) Wormhole Navigation
An aid for astral navigation in identifying and traveling the extensive network of wormholes which exist throughout the galaxy. High frequency resonance is required for activation and assimilation of this frequency.

11) Prosperity and Abundance
Realign the frequency of prosperity and abundance of life. Experience the truest prosperity and abundance of joy associated with Pure Essence energetic compatibility. Harmonious relationship with monetary remuneration for energies expended are aligned with true prosperity and abundance of life.

12) Molecular Regeneration
Regenerates the frequencies lost within the human vehicle due to energetic blockages and subsequent removal/replacement of body parts. An aid in reconnecting Etheric DNA and frequency pathways within the totality of the ascension process.

13) Blood Regeneration
Rebalances and re-stabilizes the life blood vibration in the human body. As the carrier of the life fluids, blood imbalances directly affect all areas of the creation. Transmute energetic Dis-Ease by re-balancing frequencies and restoring harmonious energetic functioning of fluid body components.

14) Hormonal Balance
Assists the male/female balancing of life flow, and the interconnectedness of hormones to many of the life functions exhibited by the physical body.

15) Solar Luminaries
Restore your connection to all creation matter. Revitalize and rejuvenate the aura and energy fields to their magnificent balanced harmonious nature. This frequency of the solar winds carries the life-giving energies of the cosmos from galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, and beyond. Coming from the Source of all Oneness, they restore & provide revitalizing, life giving frequencies & energies to all Creation.

16) Magnetic Resonance
Advanced frequency of remembrance to readjust and realign matter and energy in multidimensional zones. Balances the relationship of positive, negative and null zone forces. Enhances the process of manifesting thought into matter, and physical manifestation into form. Accelerate planetary healing, integrates polarities, return to the Null Zone, Dimensional Harmony and Acceleration, are re-stabilized by this frequency. Souls who remember this technology experience the highest potential of this frequency.

17) Core Energies Alignment
Realign and retune the physical /etheric body to the central Core Energies of Earth and other planetary bodies. "Ground" your etheric alignment with the Central Core, (main energy receptor and distributor for the planetary networks and grids). All matter and energies are received and transmuted through the Core Energies Matrix. Accelerates communication and growth of Being within the Ascension Process.

18) Planetary Ascension Grid Alignment
The Planetary Ascension Grid is being restored on Earth enabling the return of the "Garden of Eden", (the true purpose and intention for Earth in this Galaxy). Stabilizing this frequency in the third dimension accelerates the rebuilding and light, restoring the Grid's highest potential. Completion of this grid network will occur at the end of 1995 (given current trends). Upon completion, direct Interdimensional travel and communication, manifestation and transmutation of energies and Being will be possible with direct points through out the Galaxy. Purity of this frequency must be maintained within the light for all those who have contracted to assist in its remembrance.

19) Celestial Communication Core
Opens direct communication links from Earth to the Celestial Communications Core. Intergalactic (language) translator for missions of inter-dimensional communications. Assists with direct translation of Galactic Language of Light, and the Language of the Luminaries (now being released into this plane). Those desiring open channel communications with guidance are encouraged to partake of this frequency, and build their telepathic communication abilities.

20) Transmutational Flame
An advanced frequency for those desiring entry to the eternal flame of rebirth. Discard false images of current reality and experience total rebirth of the god/goddess self in the transmutational eternal flame of all life. This is the path of the lotus, the eternal iridescent flame of life by which all old and future karmic resolutions may be cast aside. Only self imposed thought limits belief of total transformation for those who choose to experience this rebirth of the self to the self.

21) Celestial Pyramid & Magnetic Grid
An advanced frequency to restore Earth's Interdimensional protective layers and rebalance the planetary surface Beings. Enhances connections to the cosmic family of light, and restores the inter-dimensional magnetic resonance required for interstellar travel and alignment for ascension. This frequency will assist all who are drawn to its use. Stabilizes No-Time, invisibility, and other humanly desirable aspects of multidimensional awareness in the highest light of One. Highly evolved souls will remember the true magnificence of the multidimensional alignments and magnetic positioning which this enables within the human vehicle.

22) Chakra Balance # 1-7
Allows the first 7 Chakras of the original light body to resonate with balanced dimensional resonance frequencies. Maintain energetic alignment and processing on all levels. Can be used on all manifest creations to rebalance harmonic resonance and frequencies.

23) Chakra Balance # 8-9
Opens and rebalances the first of the Etheric Chakra systems which assist in identifying the higher realms and frequencies of energies. Each energy level must be balanced before higher frequency levels can be maintained.

24) Chakra Balance # 10-12
Begin the ascent into the higher dimensional resonance. Opens Interdimensional communication vehicles to begin free exchange of information and enables conscious awareness of multidimensional bodies. Must be balanced in all multi-dimensional Beings.

25) Chakra Balance # 13-15
Stabilizes & realigns energies from cosmic sources within the forming Adam Kadmon Light Being. The stabilization of frequencies enhance "astral travel" capabilities and mission remembrances, allowing the work to be completed on higher levels than third dimension.

26) Chakra Balance # 16-20
Remember your abilities of thought manifestations to align your higher potential within the sphere of influence of the upper dimensions. This balance allows gathering of source instructions for transmission to the lower frequency ranges, and opens connections of awareness.

27) Chakra Balance # 21-27
Increases the expanded awareness of the true meaning of our
multidimensional light beings. These advanced frequencies are opened and maintained in an appropriate time-frame (when one has completed the work and is holding the frequencies prior to these).

28) Chakra Balance # 27-30
Advanced frequencies of Ascension. Reach a state of universal thought creation and matter manifestation. Used in Interdimensional manifestation.

29) Chakra Balance # 31-32
These are the last in the series of manifest frequencies for final "Ascension" of beings into Oneness. These frequencies are maintained by highest potentials at this time. A remembrance of the return to the state of One Being, total union with Source.

30) Rainbow Alignment (ROYGBIV)
Stabilizes the color rays & frequencies in the current rainbow of third dimensional light ("standard" color patterns) Stabilization will enhance the light within the healing process, accelerating the Adam Kadmon Light Body.

31) Iridescent Rainbow Alignment
The "new" colors seen within the etheric are stabilizing in the third dimension. Enhances your remembrance of their healing properties, and powers. These frequencies are remembrances of the Adam Kadmon Being of Light.

32) Universal Fabric
Begin to discern the differences between Matter and the Fabric of the Universe. It is within the remembrance of the Fabric that the lesson of Oneness is truly understood. Those who have worked with the first set of 21 vials, will remember the ultimate return to Source.

33) Messenger Medium
Enables alternative communication channels to reopen. Allow the free flow of information from the your highest guidance, uninterrupted, without distortion of interpretation. Enables those who are the "messengers" to be so without fear within this lifetime.

34) Galactic Command Communications
Reconnects the communication command centers of the Universal Federation and the Central Sun with those Soul Volunteers who have chosen to remain the open communication channels on Earth. This enhanced communication will serve to reunite Consciousness within the Collective Consciousness of the Universal Plan.

35) Interstellar Integration Energies
Enables full and total integration of Soul energies, Galactic Frequencies, and Source energies, in total Oneness within the Central Core, and the Central Sun. Perfect alignment of all cores begins the restabilization process of the Universal Quadrant. This will rebalance interstellar communications and

36) Crystal Grid/ Earth Alignment (Estobah Nicomah Endarvu Reconnah)
Remembrance of the Central Galactic Crystal Grid which connects the silver thread filaments of all being to the Central Sun. This allows combining of energies and beings with third dimensional frequency, into alter-dimensional frequencies, and beings, while maintaining a presence on the third dimensional plane.

37) Akashic Remembrances (Recomakh Nendomah Endo vu Intomah)
The remembrance of all manifestations of the greater manifest realms.Understanding the interplay of frequency, light, sound, and magnetics which make up all manifest creations. Totality of understanding permits instant manifestation of thought into reality. The process remembrance by which all things are possible

38) Universal Heart
The universal ohm and sound and love of all things and beings, which is attainable on all levels. This frequency is restored to full remembrance once the integrated earth, celestial, galactic, and source connections are balanced as One.

39) Adam Kadmon Rejuvenation Balancing
An advanced frequency used to stabilize the emerging Adam Kadmon Energetic Body. As the combined frequential stabilization potentials are realized, the truest meaning of the Adam Kadmon will be revealed and understood.

40) Manifest Destiny (Inkomoh Dobahdu Resovah Enmahtu)
The frequency of initiation into the highest realms of manifestation. A remembrance to those who have attained their highest potentials in previous incarnations. Remembrance of powers, and the path required to reclaim them.

41) Dove Star Alignment (Estamah Sendobah Enkahtah Cestahmah)
Realignment within the Central Sun of the final rays of the 12 planets of light which balance this creation. This frequency stabilizes the final realignment which must begin in the third dimension and be reconnected to the dimension from whence they emanate.

42) Cellular Blueprint Rejuvenation (Recovah Rendomah)
Frequency of recovery of the "missing pieces" of one's mission and manifest destiny. This allows the remembrance of the true purpose for return to Gaia at this time.

43) Sphere of Influence
Understand your connection to your reality and how you impact your present and future. Enter your sphere for protection and truth, resolve all fears. See yourself as you are! The infinity loop of the space/time /continuum.

44) Cosmic Light
Bring clarity to the veils of perceptual reality, how to change them . Lift and remove old belief system, and open to all possibilities here and now.

45) Crystal Light Frequency
Observe the Crystal Light Structure in all things. Reactivate your crystalline frequencies to stabilize the re-molecularization process. Change physical appearances, time zones, and places at will in the third dimension. Strengthen your 3D structure for transformation.

46) Triune of Power (Etahmah Sendava Rezovu)
Experience and assist in intergalactic/dimensional translations and attention to holding the light through the portals of the space/time/continuum. Stabilize inter-dimensional doorways and connections. Recognize multiple lives in multi-dimension. Reconnect to your Triune of Power.

47) Crystalline Structure (Rendovo Scabo Rintahvah)
Flame of initiation and remembrance of your highest (powers) connection of light. Stretch yourself to the outer reaches of remembrance.

48) Immune System Generator (Escobah Estovah Rindomah)
Develop the frequency required for Merkabah travel and interstellar conscious communications. Strengthen the Adam Kadmon Light Being.

49) Interdimensional Travel Blended Be-Ing
Travel the tunnel and step through the doorway of the dimensions. Remember the Interdimensional travel links to other star systems and beyond. Balanced perfection of love. Advanced accelerated frequency of liquid light.

50) Null Zone Balance (Ee Yoh Moh)
Experience the hologram of the Null Zone. Balanced perfection of all light, magnetic, frequency and sound.

51) Cosmic Immunization (Resmoh Zestahvo Enkomoh)
Develop the cosmic immune system required for advanced communications and travel within the dimensions. Remembers advanced frequencies for opening intergalactic protections for the new dimensions as the old 3rd dimensional layers fall away.

52) Lord Michael Legions' Message 
This vial is requested by Archangel Lord Michael to serve to connect and reconnect all of his Legions. It contains the frequencies for Individual & Group "Legions Ascension Plan". ($18 each 1 oz. cobalt blue bottle see Michael webpage)

53) Sunlight Essence of Life
This frequency transfers the knowledge of absorbing the Rays of the Sun into cosmic frequencies which are used in transferring the energetic powers into matter within the physical universe. Used in the Galactic Light Body to absorb energies directly into the field without using physical functions of eating, etc. Used by all Consciousness groups, including animals, mineral and vegetable in the absorption of all forms of energies into matter.

54) Violet Ray of Initiation
This frequency is the violet flame remembered in all matter. It is used in the transmutation process of moving from 3rd dimensional physical energy formats into the 4th and 5th dimensional molecular structures. It is a key for those experiencing much toxic difficulties, in enabling these no longer
harmonious energetic patterns to dissolve with Ease and Grace.

55) Pyramid Powers Remembered
This frequency is the essence of the mechanism code for materialization of energies into the 3rd dimension and the way for higher dimensional energies to begin sustaining the pattern codes of this reality. The Genetic Codes of 4th and 5th dimensional realities in a Physical Universe.

56) Portal of Light Activations
This allows remembrance of the utilization of the many portals and vortexual energies which are becoming available to you. It is the way to learn to travel and use the portals to optimal harmony, for communication and manifestation.

57) Electro-Magnetic Field Utilization
This allows the remembrance of the properties of electromagnetic field energies, on all levels. Use of these energies is helpful in the development of force fields and other invisibility shields. Can be used for protection, healing, communication in their purest forms.

58) ET PhoneHome
Realigns the celestial Communication to "home" to remember other starry existence's, and reconnect with those who are here, and who are not, to help you on your mission. A Homing Beacon for communication and returning your energetic powers and remembrances from your individualized source of power.

59) Blessings and Peace
This frequency is a remembrance of the TRUST of connection to your mission, and allows viewing of the individualized Greater Plan, to new levels of clarity. It is the newest of an unlocking of the cellular memory and blueprint to the Greater Plan for the reclamation of the Ascended Light Body. It will allow greater harmonious balance and understanding of the coming events without fear.

60) Wings
On the wings of the Dove you will be carried into the firmament. This frequency allows for the unfolding of the remembrance of "Lift" and "Light". The first in a series of frequencies intended to assist in the final mer-ka-bah activation sequences which will allow the physical and molecular bodies to access the knowledge of Interdimensional light vehicles, and its relationship with the galactic human form.

Frequencies 61-72


Use and intention of these Level 2 Advanced Frequencies. (June 1996)

Power spheres of the Universe revolve. Used to reevaluate and realign templates of reality & manifestation in personal and planetary matters - they are given to be used with discretion and intent to realign world events, earth changes, and personal realities of light, to bring the highest energies available in to re-establish the planetary concentrations which are to realize the changes of self-actualization for the realignment within the photon energetic components. They are to be used to reestablish the physical basis for Universal Law and physical property alignments within the Laws of Creation. To develop a basis so that the higher energies may realign to this planetary awareness to exact changes and assist in the re-development of the transitional force platforms with in the next 12 months of Earth Time in preparation for the coming planetary realignments within the Reality templates of the new Universal Overlap Zones of Awareness & Consciousness. 

These frequencies will reconstitute into physical form within 6 months time, the necessary physical properties required for physically stabilizing themselves within this reality and dimension. Only those of highest light frequency and prior knowledge will truly understand their source and purpose. They can be used to transmit frequencies through crystalline structures, to realign the molecular make up of third dimensional physical properties, both to strengthen or destabilize, rematerialize, dematerialize, or make "invisible" by :creating" veils of dimensional reality through intentional purpose aligned to the Greater Plan, and planes of Destiny within this Overlap Time Zone. It is crucial that their powers be used for manifest destiny purposefulness, as determined by the Greater Plan. 

It is critical to understand that these frequencies have not been restored in this galactic quadrant before, and that only the true :TEAM OF 7" may fully reactivate their final destiny's purpose within the Greater Plan of the Dove Star's Alignment to the Galactic Center of Source. The program codes to release their highest potentials are contained within the cellular blueprint and 12 strand DNA expansion to 13 strand DNA of the "TEAM OF 7". You will connect and find each other over the next several years time to reconnect the true purposes of these frequencies. Know that they are given to be released to your safekeeping for this destiny period, to reestablish and rebalance in the Earth plane here and now. They may be used, with caution, to realign your personal reality template into harmonious balance with your work, for which we are most grateful. We grant the giving of these frequencies at this time, in acknowledgment of the acceleration of the Greater Plan, and in acknowledgment of the Dedication to the internal workings of those selves who will understand and benefit from them, NOW, in this physical time frame.

61) Cellular Photon Integration
Realign cellular structure of human (frame) body and skeletal structure to photon based energetic absorption and understanding.

62) Photon Energy Absorption
Sun's energetic alignment absorption to photon energetic composite. Opening gateway of Solar energetic absorption within the human framed field (mer-ka-bah-) and crystalline light body. Cosmic energy transformation to status of ALL ENERGY

63) Electromagnetic Template
Create the switchplate to reverse unneeded +/- polarities into harmonious balance. Use with planetary ascension grid/ emotional field, reactivation of Mer-Ka-Bah attachment. Realignment of Source energies within the Infinity loop of perfection. and later understanding of Master +/- interaction of all Galactic Frequencies of Creation - realign 12 beams of reality +/- polarity composites to correct positions. Use on ozone layer, aurora borealis, quakes, weather patterns. Rematerialize Interdimensional resources into manifest physical reality.

64) Color Frequency Absorption
Light frequency of understanding colors into form. Manifestation component of Interdimensional travel and blended be-ing. Used to reactivate into physical then light creation energies, the creation component of physical form.

65) Reality Template of Light
Next level of light bound combination to realign reality templates in full awareness, open portals and vortexes. Remember past/present/ NOW powers - align to future events, areas for highest good for all, harm of none. Not to be used for personal gains but for all of humanity's betterment of purpose. Creates new overlay templates realigned with Source for new reality of Greater Plan.
Serofin sendokomah yedldah ren so vah dah So Adonai rendo nah kah res ko mah lah Key so met kah sen kah bah rendovah lah escarbu sento vakh man etonah restovu rendomah kah rendavu.

66) Perfection of Form
All health realignments of new Galactic Human functions and features. Ageless beauty -timeless body - perfection - harmonious balance of all functions of "life" formed on Earth - Use to reestablish Health and Vitality of physical entities and later planetary entity. animal -vegetable - mineral - Ground to Core to begin resonance access then spread by waters and air frequency over planetary surface.

67) Crystalline Biologies
Crystalline realignment to planetary resonance of Greater Plan to accelerate ascension process and group consciousness within all "earth" bound energies. Facilitates crystalline biologies in plants, animals, minerals. Shifts frequency of consciousness of all matter to :One" awareness.

68) Golden Ember of Light
Flame of universal Joy and happiness - violet flame in perfection of Source. Heals all emotional thoughts and integrates emotional body into Galactic Human form. Free-will integration of Emotional body into mind/spirit and galactic human form. Second part of the Flame turns into molecular component to forecast futures.

69) Tantric Love
Sexual energies released from bonded thoughts of limitation and third dimensional molds of reality. Understanding of potential of Sexual energies in Universal alignments with love an hope without fear and pain. Perfection creation of Tantric Love unfolded with One. Procreation and creation bonded with love of Self to Source. Reharmonize energy fields to acceptance and integration of Oneness.

70) Holy Trinity
Combination of Trinity into one light. Soul/Source combination which feeds the Self of Life. Allows Self to be fully present NOW! Aligns overlay template to remove obstacles to full manifestation in Ohm dimensional reality within the galactic Light Body.

71) Triple Heart Activation
Alignment of all multi-dimensional selves within the Galactic Human body. Enable other self aspects in multiple lifetimes ability to assume galactic human form at will, as part of integrated self repopulating previously inaccessible areas of galactic realities. Also allows balance of light/ dark within the galactic human forms to perfection of Greater Galactic Human.

72) Transport Vehicle
Within a Brilliance of Light, a Hearty Hi-Yo Silver and Away! The transportation Component. The sequence keys of interstellar travel with the physical body intact! The pillar of light, the "Flame" with which we come.

ST) Stress and Emotional Balance
A special blend of frequencies tailored to balance the vibrations of the emotional field and neutralize the negative charge in auric field around a Karmic situation.