Our Vision

We are staying true to our long-standing reputation as an internet service provider with integrity, honesty, and a higher level of consciousness. Proper technical support, security, and extensive backups are more important than ever — why trust your web site to just anyone? Choose the best, not the biggest. Choose a web hosting provider that can give you the attention you deserve. Photon.Net welcomes you!

More than just an internet services company, we’re an internet solutions company. We were one of the original internet pioneers of conscious commerce. Photon.Net was founded in 1996 and has gone through major expansion over time, constantly evolving to provide more services and create a larger network. We provide solutions to clients globally with a wide range of internet needs.

Photon.Net is unique in our ability to offer you a wide variety of resources for all of your internet needs, while still providing personalized service. We can provide assistance for practically any internet project, large or small. The huge internet conglomerate companies can’t possibly offer you such a high degree of personalized service, regardless of their promises. Join Photon.Net and experience the difference it makes to be treated as a unique person instead of a number. You can even communicate directly with our executive staff — and we’ll listen. Our team is happy to interact with our clients on all levels.

We provide easy and reliable internet solutions so that your relationship to the internet is the healthiest, most productive relationship possible. We enjoy working with a wide variety of creative businesses and home users including merchants, professionals, artists, musicians, networkers, educational groups, non-profit organizations, and more. Our servers are top quality, our staff is dedicated and friendly, and our network is always growing globally and evolving with the rapidly-changing times.

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Photon.Net Executive Staff

While our data center is staffed 24/7 with server admins and our technical support center is also open 24/7 to provide support to customers, our executive staff is able to telecommute from anywhere. This saves a lot of money and resources — it is truly a more “green” way to work on the internet, along with supporting each team member’s family life and preferred living environment.

Randy Barris President / CEO & Founder Mount Shasta, California
Tony Martin Vice President / CIO Ashland, Oregon
Xen Elfaerian Chief Technical Officer Mount Shasta, California
Shannon Burke Chief Visionary Director Mount Shasta, California
Contessa Zeviar Account Manager Mount Shasta, California
Gaia Burke Account Manager Mount Shasta, California
Photon.Net Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California – view from our headquarters