On Friday October 4th we are performing upgrades of servers on our network.  This will result in a change of IP address for all customer hosting domains, and for the base hostnames of the servers like "ion.photon.net" or "tesla.photon.net".  Hosting customer domains will have the new IP address: 

While we are making every effort to insure there are no disruptions to service, it is possible that hosting customers could experience the following if they visit their domain frequently or check e-mail frequently:

1) If you visit your web site and see a message about "Website Moved", this just means your internet connection has not yet picked up the new IP address, it has old information saved in its cache.  This should clear up after 5 minutes if you return to the site.  This would only happen to a visitor who had hit the web site within 5 minutes of the IP address change.

2) If your e-mail service stops working in your e-mail application, it may be because you have set up your app to use the mail hostname ion.photon.net or tesla.photon.net.   You can change that to your own domain name instead, to insure you are hitting the correct IP address and your e-mail service works.

3) If you go to log in to cPanel or WebMail at ion.photon.net or tesla.photon.net, you might receive a message that your account is not found and you're unable to log in.  This is because ion.photon.net & tesla.photon.net are the final hostnames to get upgraded after all customer domain names.  This will be resolved by the end of the day.  To insure you are able to log in to cPanel or WebMail, use your own domain name instead of the ion or tesla.photon.net hostnames, as follows:
cPanel:  https://mail.yourdomain.com:2083
WebMail:  https://mail.yourdomain.com:2096

If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team:  855-881-1118, or e-mail admin@photon.net, or open a support ticket at https://www.photon.net/clients/submitticket.php

Friday, October 4, 2019

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