DNS Settings for Web Hosting

Note: If your domain name was registered here at Photon.Net, then your domain is already configured with our DNS servers. This information applies if you have already registered a domain through a different company and you are signing up for web hosting through Photon.Net.

If you have a domain name already registered and you are establishing web hosting at Photon.Net, these are the DNS ("name server") settings for our network:

Primary DNS:         ns1.photon.net
Secondary DNS:   ns2.photon.net

These settings can be changed in the domain management control panel
 provided by the company where you registered your domain name. If you need assistance with switching DNS, please feel free to contact our tech support department and we are happy to assist.

Please Note: DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate
 (spread) across the entire internet backbone. Additionally, some domain registrar control panels don't actually make the DNS update right away. Accordingly, after making a DNS change, it might take up to a day for your internet connection to start recognizing it. In most cases it should happen within hours, but can take longer depending on your domain registrar and depending on your internet connection. If you have previously tried visiting the domain name from your internet connection on the same day, you might also need to reboot your computer or device to flush its DNS cache so it will recognize the new routing.

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