Photon.Net Art Gallery

We are honored to host a number of highly talented visual artists on our network. This page provides samples and links to artist web sites hosted on Photon.Net, on a rotating basis.

Featured Artists: August, 2020

Ha-Ru-Ko BlueStarChild – Blue Star Child Creation

We’ve hosted Ha-Ru-Ko’s web site for many years, and in 2013 we completely rebuilt her site in WordPress with a basic PayPal shopping cart. Now she benefits from having a managed WordPress site where she can edit content herself without being a web designer, so she can focus on her artwork while we take care of her web site.

Jean-Luc Bozzoli – Eye Within Studios

Jean-Luc is one of our original clients, hosted here for over 20 years. We’ve assisted him in various ways over the years, including setting up an ordering page and video trailer page for his Transmuteo DVD.