Transferring Domains To Photon.Net

Most domain names registered at another company can be transferred to Photon.Net. Your web site can always be hosted here no matter where you purchased a domain — but you can also transfer your domain registration over to our system so your annual renewal is handled right here alongside your web hosting. Enjoy the convenience of having your web site and domain registration handled by the same reliable company.

Steps For Transferring A Domain:

  • Your domain will need to be "unlocked" at your current domain name registration provider. They should provide a control panel where you can change your lock/unlock status.
  • You will also need the Authorization Code/Key or "EPP Code”"from your current domain name registration provider — this should also be available in their control panel. Save this code, you will need it to authorize the transfer. The code can be entered into our order form when transferring a domain.
  • The Administrative Contact of the domain name must be an e-mail address that you have access to. If not, you should update this contact information first at your current domain name registration provider, prior to initiating transfer.
  • Be sure to transfer domains at least a week before the expiration date in order to insure there is enough time to transfer. (Ideally more like a month+ before expiration.) If your domain has expired, your current registrar likely will not allow the transfer to a new provider — expired domains normally cannot be transferred.
  • Place an order for transferring the domain through the Order page of our web site.
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